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How It Works.


Ready to work with us?

We'd love the opportunity to assist your organization with data analysis. Below is a summary of our on-boarding process - if you have any questions or want to know if we can handle your project, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Initial Discovery Session

All of our projects start with an initial discovery session, preferably via phone or email. You can send us a summary of your project, background information about your organization, relevant deadlines, and any questions you may have. We'll then determine if we're able to assist you.

Scope of Work Determination

Once we've determined that we're able to help you with your project, our team will draft a scope of work - this will state the specifics of exactly what work we'll do for you, including deliverables and timelines. We'll send this scope of work to you for your approval.

Project Kickoff Meeting

Once you've approved the scope of work we've sent to you, we'll organize an in-person meeting to kick off your project. At this meeting, we'll summarize your project, clarify any questions we may have, and establish a schedule for project updates.